Best Bumper Guards Review

Bumper guards are used to protect your vehicle in the event of a low-impact collision while your vehicle is parked. Some bumper guards can be used while you are driving, but many styles that use straps or hang out of your vehicle are only used while your car is not in use. The best bumper guards help protect your car from scratches, scuffs, dings and dents as a result of vehicles or other objects colliding with your vehicle. Most bumper protector styles are only for the front or the rear of your vehicle. Front bumper guards help protect the front of your car; they can be a license plate cover, or a couple of thick padded strips that you apply to the corners of your vehicle. Rear bumper protector styles can either be strips, or they can be free-hanging rubber or foam installations that cover more area than corner strips or license plate covers. Some bumper guards are stickers that help hide old dings and prevent new ones from showing up, but they are not as thick as other car bumper guard styles.

You can also opt for buying several bumper guard styles to get all around protection from most stationary car accidents. Many of the best bumper guard styles are affordable and easy to install, which means less time hassling with installation, and more time knowing that your vehicle is protected in the event of a collision.

EJ’s SUPER CAR Rear Bumper Protector

This bumper guard is flexible, affordable, and fits most vehicle pickup truck and SUV models with ease. This rear bumper guard attaches firmly to the space above the license plate, on the small ledge beneath the hatchback (SUV) or the tailgate (pickup/truck). Applying this truck bumper guard to your vehicle not only covers up existing scratches, scuffs, and dings, but also helps to prevent new ones from showing up. It is easy to apply, using a peel-and-stick method of application. The truck bumper guard is made of high quality rubber that stands up in any cold or hot weather without cracking or tearing.

  • Heavy duty rubber
  • No-slip grooves for grip
  • Lightweight, durable, and flexible material
  • Easy to install
  • 38 inches by 3 inches (length x width)

  • Very durable product for most truck and SUV models
  • Weather-proof, making it ideal for vehicles in the north and the south

  • Only comes in one size

BumpShox XL Front Car Bumper Protection License Plate Frame

The BumpShox XL license plate bumper guard is on of the best bumper protectors to buy if you want something small and affordable, but also hard working. The patented, angular design of this thick bumper guard is proven to help reduce shock during impact, preventing damage to your license plate and by extension, your front bumper. This front bumper protector absorbs shock through the angled edges, reducing the impact enough to prevent serious damage to your vehicle. While this doesn’t help in high-velocity vehicular impacts, it’s great for in the parking lot or other areas where minor collisions are bound to happen. Installation is easy; simply use this car bumper guard in place of your metal or plastic license plate cover and reap the benefits of the bumper guard almost instantly.

  • Thick, heavy duty rubber
  • Patented angular edges for shock reduction
  • 14 inches wide by 8.5 inches high by 2.25 inches thick
  • All weather resistance to prevent cracks and tearing

  • Fits snugly on any license plate
  • Will not wear and tear through extreme weather conditions
  • Will not damage other vehicles on impact

  • Will not protect against corner dings
  • Only reduces shock, will not entirely prevent damage to vehicle

T-Rex Rear Bumper Guard

If you aren’t necessarily excited about a car bumper guard that peels and sticks to your vehicle, then perhaps the T-Rex guard will be better for your vehicle. Instead of using adhesive to stick to your bumper, this bumper guard uses heavy duty straps as well as buckles and velcro to attach to your vehicle instead. This is a rear bumper guard, as the top straps use velcro to attach to the carpet of your trunk. This bumper guard fits all small and large cars and SUV’s; the straps around the size are adjustable and will fit most models perfectly. The benefits of this rear bumper protector is that you can remove and replace whenever you want, without worrying about peeling paint. It is made of foam material, which helps to reduce scuffs and scratches in the event of a minor, low-velocity collision.

  • Durable, weather resistant foam
  • Adjustable, heavy duty, nylon straps
  • 72 inches wide for complete, all around bumper protection

  • Fits most small and large cars and SUV’s
  • Able to remove and reattach at will
  • Easy installation

  • Will not work for trucks (no place to attach top straps easily)
  • Very easily stolen (nylon straps can still be cut)

Bumper Bully Bumper Protector

The Bumper Bully bumper guard is perfect for SUVs, as its large size covers most of the back bumper with ease, and only uses two straps to do so. This rear bumper protector simply hangs from the vehicle using two very strong straps that attach onto your vehicle’s carpet, protecting your rear bumper from scuffs and scratches while you are away. The Bumper Bully rear bumper guard measures 46 inches by 12 inches, covering most of your vehicles back bumper completely. The thick, rubber material is grooved to help minimize impact damage, and will give you peace of mind while you are away from your vehicle.

  • Thick rubber material is durable in all weather conditions
  • Large surface area ensures maximum coverage for your vehicle
  • Easy to set up, easy to put away.

  • Super wide area of protection
  • Heavy duty, ensures that paint and body is protected

  • Does not protect the corners

FH Group Universal Fit Rear Bumper Guard

This bumper guard is similar to other free-hanging rear bumper guards, made with extremely durable rubber that utilizes deep grooves to help soften impact. This car bumper guard hangs from the rear cargo hold, using strong straps that attach inside the vehicle in order for the bumper guard to hang down completely. While it doesn’t cover the corners of the vehicle, it features bright reflective strips that help vehicles see your bumper before they hit it, adding to the safety and security aspect of this bumper guard. The FH Group car bumper protector conforms to your vehicles curves, ensuring full coverage while not taking away from your car’s appearance. It fits most cars and SUVs.

  • Durable rubber to withstand extreme temperatures
  • Heavy duty, theft deterrent straps for added security
  • Highly reflective strips for added visibility

  • Fits most car and SUV vehicles
  • Very durable and resilient
  • Hides existing scratches, and prevents new ones

  • No side straps; bumper guard may scratch if not applied properly

BumperBadger HD Edition Best Bumper Guard

This bumper guard is thick and hard working, giving you peace of mind while your vehicle is parked. The BumperBadger HD bumper guard is made of heavy-duty, weather resistant rubber that hangs behind your vehicle in a way that protects it from scuffs and scratches. The grooves and impressions throughout the bumper guard help alleviate the shock of low-impact collisions, protecting your bumper from expensive and preventable damage. This bumper guard utilizes heavy straps that attach to the cargo bay of your vehicle, and fits on most cars and SUVs with ease. Installation is a snap, and the bumper guard can be removed and stored when not needed very easily.

  • Tough, long lasting rubber
  • Superior shock absorbing design
  • Covers most of the bumper for protection
  • Easy installation

  • Fits most model vehicles
  • Covers a large area, increasing protection against dings
  • Lightweight and flexible

  • More expensive than similar models

Luv-Tap Bumper Thumper License Plate Frame

The Luv-Tap Bumper Thumper is an innovative and unique bumper protecting device. The license plate frame protects the front bumper from head-on, low-impact collisions in areas that are prone to scratches and dings. The 2 inch thick impact absorbing foam is ideal for all weather conditions, ensuring that there will be no cracks or tears in the material during extreme weather conditions. Whether you live in cold and dry or hot and humid climates, the Bumper Thumper bumper guard is great for any vehicle type. Simply attach to your license plate and enjoy peace of mind.

  • 2 inch thick rigid protective foam
  • Easy installation
  • Wide viewing window for license plate visibility

  • Can be worn while driving
  • Fits all model vehicles
  • Will not break or rust in extreme temperatures

  • Minimal protection against collisions

BumperX (BumperBabe) Peel-and-Stick Bumper Guard

The BumperX bumper guard, otherwise known as “BumperBabe” is the low-cost fix for bumper blemishes caused by low-speed collisions. Dents, scuffs, scraches, holes, and peeling paint are all covered by the BumperBabe; all you need to do is peel and stick, and all of those ugly marks go away, making your vehicle look as good as new. The BumperBabe bumper guard also acts as a preventative measure against scratches; while it doesn’t help against serious dents and high-impact collisions, it will certainly hide the unsightly scuffs that may be marring your vehicle. It’s 60 inches long by 6 inches tall, covering most of the rear bumper effortlessly.

  • Large area of coverage
  • Easy installation – peel and stick
  • Inexpensive alternative to body-shop work

  • Can be cut to fit any size vehicle, as long as said space is smaller than BumperBabe
  • Thin, flexible material conforms to any vehicle body
  • Weather resistant; won’t peel off in the rain

  • It’s basically a $50 bandaid for your car

Rhino Guard by Bumptek Heavy Duty Corner Bumper Guards

The Rhino Guard heavy-duty corner bumper guards are the ultimate protection against minor bumps and bruises against your vehicle. When used with a front and rear bumper guard, this bumper guard gives almost 100% protection against the scratches and scuffs that can happen as a result of someone scraping against your vehicle. This bumper guard set comes with 4 pieces, one for each corner of your vehicle. They are made of extra thick material to ensure that the brunt of the impact will be adequately dissipated. These bumper guards are made to appear to be OEM, and blend seamlessly onto your vehicle using highly adhesive 3M tape.

  • 20 inches long and 2 inches tall, with 3.4 inch thickness
  • Ideal for any vehicle, small or large.
  • Flexible and easy to apply

  • When used in conjunction with other bumper guards, provides almost complete protection
  • Very easy to prep and apply
  • Strong adhesive ensures maximum strength against scrapes and collisions

  • A strong enough impact may cause these bumper guards to become crooked.

In conclusion, a single bumper protector is a great investment, as it can save you a whole lot of money down the road. Rear bumper guards are ideal because they can help protect your vehicle in the parking lot. Front bumper guards are good for a little bit of protection, but they will not completely negate the effects of a head-on or corner collision. Bumper guards that cover all sides of your vehicle are the best bet, as scratches and scuffs can come from any direction, but keep in mind which bumper guards can be worn while driving, and which need to be stowed away while in motion.

There are many styles of bumper guards that will fit many different vehicles, so ensure that the car bumper guard you choose is compatible with your specific vehicle type. After that, you can enjoy the comfort and security knowing your vehicle is covered.