Carmaker Spyker wants to raise 182 million euros

Spyker is looking for money. Not only to pay its creditors, but Spyker CEO Victor Muller also wants to raise 182 million euros to revive his sports car brand. The latest developments regarding Spyker. This is a contribution from Robert van den Oever and Maarten van der Pas. Spyker founder Victor Muller is not only looking for money to pay the creditors of the bankruptcy parts of Spyker Services and Spyker NV 1.45 million euros, but he also wants to raise a full 182 million euros to make his sports car brand a new future. To do so, he tries to convince investors to put money into their dream with a knocking brochure. Muller explains in the brochure, dated 20 November 2020, what he thinks of Spyker. As is often the case with Spyker, beautiful views are outlined and there are promising assumptions about models and production. If the whole thing is very realistic, it is doubtful. To be able to assess Muller’s plans with Spyker, you need to know something about the current situation for Spyker. It’s about comatose. Because the sports car brand is only on paper. There is no own factory, no tools for making cars, no parts because the inventory has been sold and no staff. Cars have not been manufactured there for a number of years. There will be no money and there is hardly any money to do business. Three parts of Spyker are bankrupt: Spyker NV (the holding company listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange until 13 September 2013), Spyker Services (the part that performed maintenance on the approximately 260 Spykers that run around there) and Spyker Events & Branding (which took care of PR). Spyker is now a British company. Spyker Ltd is the holding company, which includes several other units that house operations, sales and intellectual property rights (see picture). This Ltd has been the company since 2015 to which all of Spyker’s activities and assets were transferred after Spyker’s bankruptcy at the end of 2014, which was reversed in the legal sense at the beginning of 2015. Following the settlement of NV’s debts, Ltd. as it should start with a clean slate. It is crucial to know that in all bankruptcy proceedings, all staff were fired in 2014 and despite the conversion, they were not recruited. In addition, Spyker was forced to leave the business premises in Zeewolde where the cars were manufactured at the end of 2015 due to rent arrears. Since then, in fact, no more cars can be built internally. The loss of all its own production facilities does not prevent Victor Muller from making promising forecasts for future models and production numbers. And also particularly optimistic timelines, if you realize how the company is currently doing.