Choosing the Best Wiper Blades Review

Everyone needs wiper blades. They are among the most important secondary pieces of equipment on a vehicle. Without wiper blades, driving becomes much more dangerous for yourself as well as other vehicles and pedestrians around you. That is why it is so important to invest in the best wiper blades, because a streaky, dirty windshield could mean a drastically shorter drive with an untimely demise.

So what do you look for in a wiper blade? There are certainly many different types of windshield wiper blades on the market, but not all of them are a good fit for your car, truck or SUV. Below are some helpful tips to look for when purchasing your next set of wiper blades:

Length of wiper blad: because windshields differ in size between models of cars, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all option when searching for the windshield wiper replacement blades. Getting the right length of wiper blade for your vehicle ensures that the majority of the windshield will be covered when the wiper blade is needed. Too small, and you’ll have a smaller area of vision while driving. Too large, and you will end up clipping other parts of the vehicle.

Flexibility : Most windshield wiper blades are made of a tough rubber material, which is helpful when wicking away water and snow. You ideally want to look for a wiper blade that will easily conform with the shape of your windshield; harder wipers are great for extreme environments, but may be prone to breaking, while softer wiper blades will get all of the water, but may be more prone to becoming warped in extreme heat or cold environments. The best wiper blades for winter are softer to withstand the shifting temperatures between hot and cold.

Wiper Blade Adapter: To use a wiper blade, you need to attach it to your vehicle. Some vehicles use a top-locking mechanism, while others use a hook adapter mechanism to attach the windshield wiper blade. Before you buy, take note of how you need to put your wiper blade on as that alone will save you time and money in the long run. There are also different kinds of wiper blades, one that goes on the driver’s side as well as one that can go on the passenger side of the windshield. You can use two driver’s side wiper blades, but it works best with one of each.

Now that you know what to look for in your windshield wiper blades, below is a list of some of the best choices for you. These wiper blades have all of the above features, meaning that they’re ideal picks for your vehicle. However, while these wiper blades are a good fit for most vehicles, they aren’t guaranteed to fit all makes and models. Always double check on the manufacturer’s website to see if these wiper blades will work for your vehicle.

RainX Wiper Blades 26″

These wiper blades from RainX are sturdy and durable, made with a protective coating that gives them long lasting wear throughout the year. These are the best wiper blades for winter because they are coated in a water repellent substance that enhances the water wicking capabilities of your wipers; rain or snow, these windshield wiper replacement blades will ensure a clean, clear view throughout your drive. These wiper blades are 26 inches long and have a unique flexible curve that gives  them an advantage over competitors. RainX wiper blades mold to the contour of your windshield, giving you a streak free experience every time.

  • Flexible rubber for enhanced wiping power
  • Water resistant coating
  • 26 inches long

  • Wipes off water really well
  • The coating helps maintain a streak free finish for optimal visibility
  • Applies water resistant coating to windshield

  • The water resistant coating may create beads of water on windshield

Bosch ICON Wiper Blades 26″

The Bosch ICON wiper blades are a great choice for anyone looking for a sturdy and well designed wiper blade model. These wiper blades combine superior manufacturing with efficient design, giving your windshield a crisp, clear look at what is in front of you. Installation is easy, fast, and hassle-free. The shape of the wiper blade is suited for any size and shape of windshield, and will stay on your windshield even while wiping at higher speeds in extreme weather. The wiper blade is made of flexible, patented rubber material that moves the rainwater off of your windshield with exceptional results, giving you a cleaner, streak-free finish longer than other competing wiper blades.

  • Flexible, reliable design
  • Fits most vehicle models, front windshield

  • Lasts longer than other conventional wiper blades
  • No streaking

  • Must have hook adapter enabled vehicle (as opposed to top locking)

RainX Latitude Wiper Blades 22″

These wiper blades are virtually identical to the 26 inch windshield wiper blades, but are shorter and thus can be used for smaller models of vehicle. The RainX wiper blades have a protective, water repellent coating on them that transfers to the windshield with each use, lasting up to three months. This water repellent coating allows water to bead and run off with increased efficiency, giving you a clear view of the road even in extreme weather conditions. They’re the best winter wiper blades because of this water repellent coating.

  • Water repellent coating
  • Flexible rubber design
  • All weather capabilities

  • Flexible and affordable
  • Water repellent coating is very efficient

  • May streak occasionally

Bosch ICON WIper Blades 24″

The Bosch ICON wiper blades are a popular brand because of their reliability, but also how well they work. The Bosch wiper blades are flexible, designed to fit snugly against the windshield while also supplying a fantastic glide without causing streaks. These wiper blades are affordable, and work very well for most vehicle models. They are shorter than the 26” variety, which means smaller vehicles with less windshield can enjoy the cleanliness that these wipers provide/

  • Easy installation
  • Flexible rubber
  • Superior design

  • Streak free wiping
  • Long lifespan

  • Requires a specific locking mechanism on wiper adapters

When buying the best wiper blades, it’s important to look at several key factors that make up the wiper blade itself. Ensuring that your chosen wiper blade is a fit for your car is paramount, as an ill fitting wiper blade can lead to streaks, or missed areas. These faults in a wiper blade can severely hamper your vision, and make the road incredibly hard to see. With a good quality wiper blade, like the ones listed above, you can minimize your risk of a collision through a clear windshield.

In the best wiper blades for your vehicle, you need to look for several key factors: length, flexibility, and fit. The length of the wiper blade dictates how much of your windshield is clear. A longer wiper blade is good for large windshields, and will give you a greater field of view during inclimate weather. Short wiper blades used on your windshield will hamper your field of view, giving you less time to react to things in your forward blindspot. Alternatively, longer wiper blades may clip and get stuck on other parts of your vehicle, which makes for an overall less effective wiper blade.

Flexibility is another thing that you need to look for in your windshield wiper replacement blades. A flexible rubber wiper blade is ideal as it conforms to the shape of your windshield. These wiper blades are great choices no matter what your vehicle type is, as the more surface area the wiper blade can reach, the clearer your view is.

Finally, fit. Fit is important because every vehicle has a different way of attaching wiper blades. Some use a top latch method of attaching wiper blades, while others use a hook to put in the wiper blades. Both are common across all types of vehicle manufacturers, so it’s important to ensure that you have the right kind of adapter for your vehicle. Keep in mind as well that for each of the wiper blades listed above, there are different “kinds” of wiper blades for driver and passenger side. While you can use the driver blade for the passenger side, you will get the best results with one of each kind.

Above are the top choices for the best wiper blades for winter and spring, as they feature all of the prime features that are present in a wiper blade. They have the most common fit, and they are flexible enough to fit across the shape of your windshield with ease. These wiper blades come in a variety of sizes as well, from 26” all the way down to 22”. Depending on which windshield that you need your wiper on (front or back) there is a wiper blade that will fit your vehicle. They aren’t fancy by any means, but they will get the job done for the right price.