Delta4x4 L200 with scaffolding is perfect for world travel

With Delta4x4 L200 you can do what all the sharing filters in the folder promise you. We’re just talking about Explorer Timberline. This car, which had nothing to do with the shoes Kesha, Justin Timberlake or Timberland, is an extra robust version of a robust car. But the Explorer is a very practical and surprisingly good car, but not really a rough car. It’s different with this Delta4x4 L200. Officially called the car (breathe in) Delta4x4 Mitsubishi L200 Pop Art Beast Edition (breathe out). Just so you know. The basis of the car is a fairly simple Mitsubishi L200. This is a compact pickup that is often used as a commercial vehicle. Thanks to its ladder chassis, (optional) switchable four-wheel drive and low gear, the car is perfect for really rough work. The chassis has been properly addressed. There is a body lift kit and a suspension suspension kit. The first makes the car 10 centimeters taller, the second adds another 4 centimeters. The track width of the Delta4x4 L200 has also increased by 8 centimeters. There is now room for the huge wheels. In this case, these are the classic and characteristic ‘Klassik_B’ rims. These are 18 inches in diameter and 9.5 inches wide. Around it is Mickey Thompson all-terrain rubber (35 × 12.5 R18). The whole thing is complete with huge PIAA headlights on the roof of the Delta4x4 L200. In addition, there is a roof rack and a whole rack in the cargo bed. On this scaffolding you will find everything you could need on safari, including a tent. Of course there is a bullbar as well. Finally, this Delta4x4 L200 has a very striking color scheme. The name is Pop Art Beast Edition, hence the many bright colors and of course the huge ‘The Beast’ inscription. Nothing has changed from a motor point of view. So at the bottom is a burly and indestructible four-cylinder. In this case, it is a 2.2 Di-D engine with 150 hp and a torque of 400 Nm, which is already ready at 1750 rpm. All parts can also be ordered separately from Delta4x4, if you think the cover is a little too bubbly.