Has the new AMG lost its way? Or will it be okay?

Does the new AMG have a chance to succeed in 2021? Usually we do not pay attention to new advertising campaigns. After all, it’s about advertising, which is almost always the same. Cool people, cool cars and hip music underneath. That’s how you want to be. So get the new crossover. Not true? But one started today at AMG. Under the heading “Are you AMG-ready?” Mercedes will try to sell you a sports suit. Or a complete model. To do this, they look back on their past. Which makes sense, because they have a lot of highlights, but now the question arises: have they lost their way? The biggest point of the new campaign is the emphasis on “Luxury Performance”. Nice, but it’s something you can go for with almost any premium brand these days. Another point is the emphasis on E Performance. Now we wonder? Will it work? Of course, this is not new, of course, we know. Like the other performance brands, AMG must keep pace with the times. But if you want a very fast electric car, you have been able to contact Tesla for several years. They are cooler too. Brands such as Audi and Porsche are also already active in this segment. EQS has recently been introduced, but not yet an “AMG” hosted car, and plug-in hybrids will come before the all-electric AMGs appear. The first thing we expect is the C63, which is said to have 640 horsepower. That effect is achieved with four cylinders and many electric motors. Very good, but will the consumer accept it? An extremely important part of a Mercedes AMG is the dirty, robust character. After all, an overly emphatically drumming eight-cylinder has belonged to the letters A, M and G since the 1970s. Therefore, it is all the more remarkable with which cars Mercedes enters the campaign. The first is the Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive. It could have been a good game changer for Mercedes and AMG. But that SLS was very limited available. In addition, the radius of action was very small. In addition to the Der Hammer (V8 to V8) and the GT Black series (the only AMG that does not sound like an AMG), the car that underlines the future of the sub-brand is a … G63. Right. Then the word is now yours: what do you think, have they lost their way? Or should we just keep up with the times? Or can AMG’s features be perfectly combined with alternative powertrains? Let us know, in the comments!