Jenson Button comes with his own car based on Lotus

We know ambitious new car manufacturers now, but the project still sounds promising. New sports car manufacturers are actually doomed to fail. Especially if it is a British manufacturer of sports cars. Yet there is now another party that will try. After all, a week without a new car brand is a week away. Still, this project is interesting for several reasons. To begin with the name: Radford. Not everyone will say the same, but Harold Radford was a famous coach since the 1940s. They treated British cars in all shapes and sizes, from luxury Minis to Shooting Brake versions of Aston Martins, and the resurrected Radford will now do much the same. They will make a bus building based on a British car. Not a Mini or Aston Martin this time, but a Lotus. Which model it is is still a surprise. In any case, the fact that Lotus is willing to cooperate with this party is a good sign. Like Radford, Lotus was founded in 1948, so it can be said that the companies were intended to work together. It will now happen. The driving forces behind the project are a number of household names. Among others, Jenson Button is involved. Ant Anstead, known (or not) from the TV shows For the Love of Cars and Wheeler Dealers, is also present. Mark Stubbs is responsible for the design. Lawyer Roger Behle completes the wannabe-boy band (say it yourself). We also get a glimpse of what to expect. Radford’s new creation looks to have a classic body. It must be possible to create a tasty whole with the proven Lotus technology. We will see later this year if Radford will succeed in this. And otherwise, men can always try their luck as a boy band.