Rico Verhoeven’s McLaren 720S has a new wrap

And honest; For a wrap on a McLaren, the color scheme is still quite subtle. You do not have to explain to Rico Verhoeven that you can earn a lot with your fists. He has done so well that in addition to a BMW X7 and a Suzuki GSXR1000R, there is also a McLaren 720S in Verhoeven’s driveway. Not bad. But what about new cars, and even a McLaren, sometimes you get used to it a bit. Buying a new one immediately goes a little too far, but fortunately there are companies like Absolute Motors that provide your car with a new layer of colored plastic. For a fraction of the price of a new one, you will have a nice and fresh ride again. Rico already had experience with this toko, because the same Macca has had a different color before. Original orange, then in red-with-black and now in this new color. For a wrap on a supercar, it can be called quite subtle. If you were wondering what color was used on the McLaren 720S from Verhoeven? It is green. Because according to the packaging it is Verde Veloce and it means “green speed” in Italian. Or Speed ​​Green in English. Whatever you prefer Normally, the undersigned is not a big fan of external adjustments, but I must honestly say that I like this a lot. Pretty subtle for a supercar and I like that. And I really mean it. I’m not just saying this because Rico is 2 meters + and has steel arms and I’m just a little guy behind a keyboard. No, I really like it, so that’s why we all go to Absolute Motors to do one of these wraps ourselves! Already on the way. Photo credit: Absolute Motors via Instagram