The Citroën Ami Cargo is a charming company car

This company car is exceptionally French. If you missed it, the Citroën Ami is back! It is no longer a B-segment hatchback, but a small electric city smack. In any case, it is an eccentric car with a number of nice design tricks. A real Citroën. Apart from the fact that the Ami looks mischievous, it is a smartly designed small car. Ami is practically symmetrical, which makes the car cheaper to produce. So the doors do not just open in different directions because the French wanted to act crazy again. The name Ami is not the only reference to the past: the retro mirrors and the folding side window are a nod to Duck. We already knew the Ami passenger version, but now Citroën is also introducing the Ami Cargo. Or in fact, we should say My Ami Cargo, because that’s its full name. For inexplicable reasons, a synthesizer by Jan Hammer suddenly sounds in my head. But apart from this, with a length of 2.41 meters, a width of 1.39 meters and a height of 1.52 meters, the Ami does not seem to be the perfect vehicle for transporting things. To ensure that you can still put something in it, Citroën has sacrificed the passenger seat. Instead, a storage space has emerged where you can store 160 liters of luggage, with a maximum weight of 140 kg. In total, there is room for 400 liters of luggage. Ami has not only inherited some design features from Duck but also the modest power. The electric motor delivers only 6 kW of power, with a top speed of 45 km / h. Officially, Ami is not a car. It should be clear that this company car is only intended for zooming around the city. Therefore you do not get much range: Citroën believes that a (theoretical) range of 75 km is sufficient, which also means a reasonable price: Ami is available in France from 6,490 €. It is not yet known if Ami Cargo will also come to the Netherlands. There will probably be a market for this, because Citroën My Ami Cargo would come into its own in Amsterdam.