The Dutchman creates the first BMW iX3 M.

There is something strange about this BMW X3 M, because it is not an X3 M at all, but an iX3, also from BMW, but then electric. liters in size. With 480 hp it is not bad and in the competition version really not. It has 510 hp. And with such an X3 M, you explode to 100 in 4.2 and 4.1 seconds, respectively, and the peak is standard at a regulated 250 kilometers per hour. Unfortunately, such a car is not for everyone, they cost a nice penny. But I can hear you thinking, have we not all known that for a long time? That car has been on the market for over two years. Yes, I know that too, because it’s about the X3 M in the photo. That’s not true. In fact, it’s not even a real X3. This, ladies and gentlemen Autoblog readers, is an iX3. You know, X3’s electric brother. A kind of BMW iX3 M so. w It’s really true, just look at the pictures on the back. Actually no exhaust instead of four. No sound instead of the roaring ICE that normally blows. But it comes with a much cheaper price tag. Look, that explains a lot. Today we received an email from Rafael who saw the car at the BMW dealer Story Waardenburg and took some nice pictures of it. And whether or not you agree with the conversion, it’s well done! What do you think? Would you go for such a conversion if you want to drive an X3 M but not allowed by the boss, or would you rather keep the original? Let us know in the comments !! Thanks to Rafael for the tip and the pictures.