Think of a name for this Fiat SUV

And if you have a good reputation for this Fiat SUV, you can immediately make a suggestion to the Italian carmaker. In fact, they are asking for it! Thinking about car names is harder than you think. It must stand for something. It is not without reason that, for example, Durex does not sell the fashion series ‘Pinkeltje’. You also need to make sure that the name does not inadvertently mean something unpleasant. It always causes problems. Oh, and just check if the name does not mean something else. The Dutch Fiat importer reportedly asked the factory for another name, but it did not happen. That’s why the Fiat Croma really existed. That’s how we get to Fiat. That brand still has an ambivalent relationship with names. In some cases they are very strong, but sometimes it does not work completely. Fiat commercial vehicles are often named after a currency: Scudo, Fiorino, Ducato. Thick good. In the C-segment, Fiat has used names such as Tipo, Bravo, Stilo, Bravo and back to Tipo. Not comfortable, maybe that’s why Fiat has enlisted the help of the internet visiting public. You can be covered! It’s about this “Fiat SUV”. Now it would not be the first time that Fiat simply gives the car the name of what it is, think of the Spider or Coupé. The car has the factory code ‘363’ (on all Fiat, Alfa and Lancia models the code consists of three digits). Only they do not have a name yet, so what name should you come up with for this car? To get an idea of ​​the Fiat SUV, it is not an SUV. It is a division in the B-segment. In fact, where we used to have Punto. Fiat Argo (Hatchback B segment) is available in some markets. A Fiat Cronos was added to 2018 (Hatchback B-segment). Fiat SUVs are about the same size, but are remarkable on a different platform. In short, what name do you come up with for this driving ecstasy? You can give your answer in Spanish on the Brazilian Fiat website. Of course, you can also post the fun suggestion in the comments.

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