This BMW i8 is a little too much

Creative Bespoke have taken a BMW i8 Roadster review, but they should have spent their time in another car. Different rims, lowering, a subtle spoiler: it can really give good results. It depends on which car you make. There are cars that are designed in such a way that it is actually a bit of a win to win with optical tuning. In some cases, it can just go wrong. The BMW i8 is one such car. This i8 is already very futuristic in itself and the design gives some room for extra extras. American Creative Bespoke, for example. They have undergone a thorough review of an i8 Roadster with ‘Bespoke Carbon Edition’ as a result. Contrary to what the name implies, this is not a limited edition. They have just had a car refurbished and are now selling it for sale, saying that Creative Bespoke has crushed $ 50,000 (just under € 42,000) to beautify this BMW i8 Roadster. For this amount, the car is, among other things, equipped with a lot of carbonated candy. Think of a splitter, side skirts, a spoiler and a diffuser. The result is a very busy place. To also say something positive: the forged 22-inch wheels are not wrong. Thanks to H & R springs, the i8 is also a little closer to the asphalt, which was the external upgrades, but it does not end there. The ECU has also been cheated with, which gives the i8 a little extra power. Creative Bespoke did not consider it necessary to indicate the horsepower. To monitor everything, the i8 is equipped with a Fi exhaust so that the entire three cylinders sound extra good. You are probably very curious about how it sounds, so we have just been looking for a video: Since the BMW i8 is no longer available, this is a young used car with 17,603 km around the clock. Creative Bespoke wants $ 139,800 (or $ 116,450) for this creation. Photos: Creative Bespoke