THIS is the new Skoda Fabia, available from November

And as always, this new Skoda Fabia is also larger, more spacious and more economical than its predecessor Fabia is one of the successes of the Czech brand Skoda. Since 1999, Octavia’s little brother has been on the price lists and has sold almost 86,000 times over the Dutch counter. And the current generation, which will be available at Dutch retailers from November, is getting closer to its big brother in terms of size. And his team members. Just like the brothers Volkswagen Polo, Seat Ibiza and Audi A1, the new Skoda Fabia as the last in the gang can now also use the new MQB A0 platform. An advantage of this is that Fabia is a little bigger. The previous one was exactly 4 meters long and this one measures 4.11 so 11 centimeters more. It is also in a growth spurt in width, the bottom has expanded 5 centimeters to 1.78. And it’s just like Dionne Stax, but that aside. The thicker butt also has advantages for the luggage space, almost 1.2 cubic meters of rubbish goes into it if you put the seats together. Unfortunately, if you want a diesel, Skoda must disappoint you. It is not delivered in the new Fabia. Although we must add that this has not been the case since 2018, but it may be good to know. An elletric variant is also not planned (yet). So it will be petrol through 1.0 TSI that delivers 95 or 110 hp in this model. On the latter you can get a DSG gearbox with a little extra, the 95-hp version has an old-fashioned, manual 5-speed gearbox. They do not run very fast, the strongest Fabia can reach 205 kilometers per hour. It is still 105 kilometers faster than the speed limit in our small country. the average consumption is 1 in 20, with the DSG box it is slightly less efficient, but with 1 in 19 and a little still no Bonnie St Clair with wheels. we have to wait at least two more years for that. In addition, Skoda has hidden some news in the interior under the name “Simply Clever”. For example, there is a USB connection in the interior mirror (useful for instrument camera), you can order a removable sun visor for the Panorma roof and the backrest can be completely flat. Especially handy during Corona if you want to stay overnight but if there are no hotels open. It’s as big a question for me as it is for you, but we’ll soon hear more about it. We currently have the pictures!